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QUICK PATCH Technical Specs


Product Data

Appearance Sheet Laminate
Color Varies (Can be Grey, Cream, Custom)
Mix Ratio One Component
Curing Mechanism Ultra Violet ( UV ). Natural or UV Lamp
Material Thickness 1.7 – 1.9mm
Packaging Various Flat Packed Sizes

Technical Data

Description Typical Values Test Method
Tensile Strength 7970 psi BS 2762 – 1994
Flexural Strength > 18,800 psi ASTM D790 – 03
Flexural Modulus 879,060 psi ASTM D2344
Elongation at Break > 3% BS 2782 – 1994
Coeff. Of Thermal Expansion 2.9 10-5 Degree C BS 2782 – 1995
Impact Resistance > 60 Kj/sqm BS 2782 – 1996
Hardness > 60 Barcol BS 2782 – 1997
Compression Strength > 29,000 psi BS 2782 – 1998
Adhesion > 500 psi BS 2782 – 1999
Water Vapor Permeability 0.28g/m2/24h/mmHg ASTM E96
Fire Rating Class A ASTM E84
Temperature Rating Minus 30 to Plus 365° F
Electrical Properties Dielectric strength: 9KV/mm as per IEC 243

Application Data

Please refer to the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE

Handling / Storage

Working life Vigilant care should be taken to shield PeelNPatch™ from direct sunlight or UV lamps during application as this will greatly reduce the working life of the material. PeelNPatch™ should not be applied in wet conditions or on wet substrates.
Environment PeelNPatch™ should not be applied in wet conditions or on wet substrates.
Safety Precautions Please refer to the product Safety Data Sheets for detailed information on handling, shipping and disposal.
Storage Store in cool, dry conditions ( not more than 75° F ). Avoid storage near any heat source or sunlight. Always store material in its original packing.
Material Thickness 1.7 – 1.9mm
Shelf Life 18 months when stored as per manufacturers instructions.