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Use Around The Farm & Ranch

Farm, Fleet and Ranch applications are numerous for QUICK PATCH material. QUICK PATCH provides a perfect utility solution for repairing gates, posts, siding, storage tanks, grain bins, gannon boxes, pipes, wheelbarrows, tools, ATV’s, trailers and much more. Because QUICK PATCH cures as reinforced fiberglass, it can be cut-to-fit simply with scissors and layered if desired for added strength.

QUICK PATCH also has added PSI strength for tough adhesion on pipes and other pressured surfaces. See our technical specifications page for even more examples of added strength.

Pliable before it cures, QUICK PATCH material fits tight crevices, can be shaped on contoured surfaces and applies quickly and with virtually no effort. Cured “hard-as-a-rock” with the sun’s natural UV rays or manually with a UV lamp or UV flashlight, QUICK PATCH can be drilled, sanded and painted for added aesthetics.

Don’t have a welder or soldering gun handy, QUICK PATCH even bonds to metal.  And it bonds to PVC, fiberglass, wood, rubber, glass and countless other substrates.

QUICK PATCH is a MUST HAVE in the toolbox, around the ranch and farm or simply in the kitchen drawer for those timely repairs.