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Construction Related Repairs

Quick Patch construction applications ranging from reinforcing pipes, storage tanks and other structures to simple repairs on shovels and other tools.

Industrial Repairs

Perfect for municipality and industrial repairs, Quick Patch successfully performs repairs on large conduit (shown), smaller PVC pipe and even metal surfaces. Here, Quick Patch material is strong enough to hold its shape, even on a hard-to-reach coupling repair, adjacent to a utility pole.

Transportation Repairs

Whether you are hauling produce, livestock, refrigerated goods, or your family, QUICK PATCH is excellent for helping you stay on the road, not in the repair shop. QUICK PATCH is easy to use and will get you back on the road quickly so you don't lose time or money.

Marine Applications

TPC UV patches are perfect for use building and repairing recreational boats such as kayaks, canoes and small boats.

Sustainable Applications

Quick Patch patches are excellent for repairing and servicing wind turbines and solar panels. Our patches are lightweight, easy to transport and to apply as a solution to reinforcement challenges in these large and towering structures.


QUICK PATCH material is outstanding for those quick repairs around the home, business, nursery or golf course. QUICK PATCH bonds to virtually any surface including PVC pipes, valves and HDPE tubing.

For the Pipe Industry

QUICK PATCH is perfect for repairing all kinds of pipes, metal, PVC, ABS, Copper, Steel, Iron, Concrete and more. Getting a broken pipe back up and working quickly can be critical.

Grain Industry

Quick Patch patches are perfect for grain elevator, grain bin and grain silo repairs. FDA approved safe and perfect for use on metal, plastic and more. Get back up and running fast with Quick Patch!