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Reinforce Pools, Gutters & More

QUICK PATCH is perfect for hard-to-get-at repairs on swing sets, play pools or anywhere around the home or yard that may need reinforcement.

Bonds to any metal, wood, fiberglass and PVC material for hassle-free repairs! Simply make sure the surface is clean and dry, then cut-to-size and apply, and before you know it you’ll be back having fun or moving on to that next repair.

QUICK PATCH cures by using the sun’s natural UV rays or by simply shining your UV flashlight on to the patch. Cures in minutes! Hard-to-reach gutters, pipes, metal repairs, above-ground pools and other tough to get at surfaces repair easier with pliable application of QUICK PATCH. And because QUICK PATCH can be layered, each repair can actually cure stronger than ever.

No more waiting on custom cut-fit elbows or replacement parts, simply cut the amount of patch to the size you want and you’re on your way to easier repairs. Bend it to shape or around the corner, QUICK PATCH is versatile, durable and weather resistant.