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Metal Work with No Soldering

Tight angles can be hard to patch! Not any more with QUICK PATCH! Pliable when applying, QUICK PATCH repairs even metal surfaces (above).
QUICK PATCH is perfect for those times a welder isn’t handy. Bonds to metal and cures “rock-hard”!

Perfect for repairing even metal surfaces when a soldering iron or welder simply isn’t convenient.

Since QUICK PATCH is pliable until it cures, simply cut your patch to size, apply and let the sun’s natural UV rays harden QUICK PATCH tough as ever.

Use around the machine shop, ranch or farms on grain bins, watering troughs, gannon boxes, poles, sheds, water tanks and much more! QUICK PATCH even holds up to heat, water pressure and outside elements.

See our Technical Specifications and FAQ pages for added comfort knowing QUICK PATCH cures tough as ever for repair reassurance!

QUICK PATCH material has been tested and proven with municipalities, in industry and under challenging conditions. And QUICK PATCH can be layered for added strength and durability. Out in the field, on the job site or around the homestead, QUICK PATCH is fast, efficient and especially handy when soldering or welding isn’t!