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Fast Repairs On ATVs, Boats And Snowmobiles

Outdoor fun can cause scrapes, dents and cracks to vehicle surfaces putting a real dent on festivities. Quick Patch is perfect for repairing ATV's, snowmobiles, jet ski's, golf carts and much more.

Metal Work with No Soldering

Quick Patch is perfect for repairing metal surfaces when a soldering iron or welder simply isn't convenient. Excellent for tight crevices, sharp angles and other tough-to-get-at areas.

Around the Home - Reinforce Pools, Gutters and More

Quick Patch is perfect for hard-to-get-at repairs on swing sets, play pools or anywhere around the home or yard that may need reinforcement. Terrific for gutter and downspout reinforcement and repairs!

Fast, Easy Fix on PVC Pipes

Quick Patch is terrific for large or small pipe repair. With Quick Patch, pipe surfaces can be repaired fast and with a durable, strong bond that not only holds up, but can be drilled, sanded and painted.

Use Around The Farm & Ranch

Quick Patch is a MUST HAVE in the toolbox, around the ranch and farm or simply in the kitchen drawer for those timely repairs.

Construction Related Repairs

Quick Patch construction applications ranging from reinforcing pipes, storage tanks and other structures to simple repairs on shovels and other tools.

RV, Motorhome & Trailer Repairs

Quick Patch is ideal to have in your toolbox for quick RV, Motorhome and Trailer repairs. Get back to your fun quickly with Quick Patch.

Auto, Truck & Motorcycle

Quick Patch is ideal to have in your toolbox for quick Auto, Truck and Motorcyle repairs. Get back on the road quickly and easily.