Perfect for fast plumbing repairs.


With its strong PSI rating, Peel-N-Patch™ is excellent for landscaping repairs, especially in tight places!



PEEL-N-PATCH is terrific for large or small pipe repair. With PEEL-N-PATCH™, pipe surfaces can be repaired fast and with a durable, strong bond that not only holds up, but can be drilled, sanded and painted.

Simply cut PEEL-N-PATCH to size, peel and apply to the cleaned surface. Outdoors, the sun's natural UV rays go to work fast to strengthen each repair better than ever. Inside or in the dark repairs are no problem. PEEL-N-PATCh™ even cures with a handy UV flashlight in minutes. Hard to reach repairs are now easier with PEEL-N-PATCH™ as are pipe elbows, contours and tight spaces.

PEEL-N-PATCH™ is great to have in your utility pack for plumbing pipes, electrical conduit and landscaping pvc.

PEEL-N-PATCh™ is a must-have to keep in the toolbox or in the truck for pipe repairs when you need it now!