The strong, durable bond of PEEL-N-PATCH™ material is excellent for timely, hard-to-reach repairs.


Another view of durable PEEL-N-PATCH™ material and repair strength.


Hard-to-reach conduit repair (Before)




PEEL-N-PATCH™ is proven on industrial strength applications.

Perfect for municipality and industrial repairs, PEEL-N-PATCH successfully performs repairs on large conduit (shown), smaller PVC pipe and even metal surfaces. Shown at Left, PEEL-N-PATCH material is strong enough to hold its shape, even on a hard-to-reach coupling repair, adjacent to a utility pole.

Typical repairs can take hours or days, yet PEEL-N-PATCH™ cures in minutes with the aid of the sun's UV rays.

And PEEL-N-PATCH™ material can be layered for added strength and durability.


PEEL-N-PATCH™ material is also exceptional for municipal use economically repairing trash bins, lids and utility boxes (shown below).