Fast repairs on trailers, truck beds, and other transportation-related challenges. Tougher than ever for added durability!


Don't want to wait in the shop? Fix it fast with PEEL-N-PATCH™ so you can get back on the road!



Whether you are hauling produce, livestock, refrigerated goods, or your family, PEEL-N-PATCH™ is excellent for helping you stay on the road, not in the repair shop. PEEL-N-PATCH™ repairs cracks, dents, holes and other challenges fast, cures STRONG and it's weather and heat resistant!

And because PEEL-N-PATCH™ is pliable before curing, it repairs even tight corners, crevices and contours.

Simple cut-to-size, then peel and patch!. With the aid of the sun's natural UV rays in direct or indirect sunlight, a UV lamp or UV flashlight, PEEL-N-PATCH™ cures hard as fiberglass! Use one patch or layer multiple patches for extra-strength.

Perfect for cargo bays, storage compartments, pull-outs, plumbing, under the hood, on top of the roof or inside the cab or RV. When you need it repaired, you want it done right and FAST! PEEL-N-PATCH™ is the perfect solution for these types of repairs.

See the expanded list of technical specifications for more examples of proven PEEL-N-PATCH™ toughness on virtually any surface.