PEEL-N-PATCH™ is perfect for repairing ATV's, snowmobiles, jet ski's, golf carts and much more. Outdoor fun can cause scrapes, dents and cracks to vehicle surfaces putting a real dent on festivities. With PEEL-N-PATCH, surfaces can be repaired fast and with a durable, strong bond that gets you back on the road, back on the lake or back on the trail fast.

No more loading up your recreational fun to haul it to the repair shop (where it can take weeks to repair).

Simply cut PEEL-N-PATCH to size, peel and apply to the cleaned surface. And since your outdoors, the sun's natural UV rays go to work fast to strengthen each repair better than ever. Dark outside, no problem. PEEL-N-PATCH™ even cures with a handy UV flashlight in minutes.

PEEL-N-PATCH™ is great to have in your utility pack for ATV's, mini-bikes, hunting rovers, boats, golf carts, jet ski's and more. PEEL-N-PATCH™ can even be sanded, drilled and painted as necessary or simply when the times right.

PEEL-N-PATCH™ is a must-have to keep on hand for outdoor fun so you don't get slowed down or miss out on the fun!

Perfect for jet ski repairs so you can get back on the lake!


Fix ATV bumps and bruises right on the trail!


Simply make sure the surface is dry, repair and let cure and your back paddling!



Fast, easy repairs on the course or around the neighborhood!